alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Easter Dinner

My Boy's family was kind enough to invite the two of us over for Easter dinner last night. It was quite lovely, and nice to spend time with a family -- even if it wasn't my own family, at least it was a family (and a good one at that).

Before dinner we were snacking, and for some reason my boy started digging through the cupboards. He emerged with a box of cereal and held it out for me to see, saying, "This is the best cereal in the world. If you ever see it, you should definitely buy some."

I looked at it. Something about raisins and nuts. I don't think I said anything, but he remembered anyway: "Oh that's right. You hate nuts. Well you still might like this, if you worked around the nuts...."

His mom looked at me worriedly. "You don't eat nuts?"

"Oh it's no big deal; it's not like they make me ill or anything. I just don't care for them very much."

"I had a bowl of mixed nuts I was going to put out with dinner...."

"Actually, that's the weird thing about it. I actually DO like nuts by themselves. I just don't like them IN things. Like I love a good cashew or peanut by itself. I'm sure I'll like the mixed nuts." She smiled with relief, and I smiled back. Feeling on a roll, I continued. This is always fun for me, amusing others with my neurotic tendencies.

"I just don't think that nuts in food is a good idea. Like cashews are great, but I would never sprinkle them over thai food. Or brownies. I love brownies, as long as there are no NUTS stirred in!"

"Oh. Well don't worry, there is ice cream for dessert too, although I did put nuts in the brownies."

I clapped my hand over my mouth in horrified embarrassment. Oh no, major faux pas. I'd had no idea that she'd actually made brownies for the event -- I was just making silly conversation!

Oh no thank you Mrs. Boyfriend's Mom, I don't need any of your homemade brownies, I'm too busy enjoying the delightful taste of my own foot for dessert....

Sheesh. Good thing the family are all nice people, so I didn't have to suffer with only bread and water for dinner, nor get kicked out in disgrace. (And in fact I did eat a brownie, even if I picked out some of the big nuts. And some ice cream.)
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