alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Close a Chapter

So... yeah. F and I are no longer a couple. He didn't want to be called "F" any longer, but since he's no longer "my boy" what choice do I have? (Okay I do have other choices, but oh well.)

The decision was his, not mine. I knew we were having trouble, arguing too much, and things were painful -- but at the same time I believed it could be salvaged. I believed it was worth salvaging, worth working on. He stopped wanting to, and he didn't want the kind of commitment I wanted.

I don't hate him; I'm not one to hate. He's still a good guy, he really is. He just doesn't know enough to hold on to the joy that is dating me. (haha) Okay I know I'm difficult to date, but I also think I'm worth it.

(...but NO, this is not an invitation to the world to try to chat me up nor ask me out right now.)

We had something special. Now we don't. There it is.
Tags: dating

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