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I am so sooo tired today! besides the usual staying up way late during Penguicon having funness, I had to stay up way late last night to finish up a paper for school. I got it turned in at 3:15am.

I was tempted to skip work today, but I knew that would be Wrong in many ways. So here I am.

It was a good weekend. I had some sad moments, but mostly focused on friends and hugs and conversation.

There were a few awkward moments when some friends innocently inquired after F, and I had to tell them it was over. That always led to hugs though, which was nice.

Netmouse and I had planned a pool party, but we were both kinda frazzled and distracted so we didn't really tell anybody. (at least that's my excuse)

It was fun with just 4 though. Singing and laughing and at one point a surprisingly effective swimming blob.

Brendan talked me into trying Guitar Hero, which I liked. Especially since that was a moment when I was feeling ather down and drifty, so I'm glad he helped perk me up.

I liased for Christine Peterson, which went well. She didn't actually need much of anything, making my job easy. I monitored her panels, did a bit of running and grabbing people and drinks, but that was all that was required except for airport rides. I even gave an extra guy a ride to the airport who was in the right place at the right time. Cool that we were able to help.

I was on a Women in Technology panel (my brainchild actually), which I felt went well. I'm interested in doing that again.

A guy saw me in the consuite and said, "I recognize you. You cost me $9,000 last year!"

I was reduced to a combination of stuttering, blinking, and tentative laughing. I was a bit horrified, because he seemed serious. How could I have been responsible for that??

Then he said that had attended Dancing For Geeks last year. He'd enjoyed it so much that had started taking ballroom lessons.

That's pretty cool! I'm thinking we should do that one again next year.
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