alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Traffic and Phones

Don't you hate when a person's cell phone has a catchy ring? Jim's did earlier today, and it played for quite some time before he managed to silence it.

Quite catchy. I started humming it, then singing it out load. I leaned over to look at Jim. "Hey! Do you think your phone's ringing?"

"No.... but I did perk up quite a bit when I heard you."

* * * *

I was sitting at an intersection at a red light. The left-turn arrows turned green for the street running perpendicular to mine. The car to the left of me turned, but the car on my right didn't. A couple of the people behind her honked their horns. But there was a young man on a bicycle crossing the road where she would have to drive. I'm not sure if his light was green; I suspect it wasn't. But still - a person on a bike - much smaller than a car. Folks, let's stop with the honking and anger.

When the girl finally was able to turn left past the bicycle, she reached her finger out the window to point at the cyclist. I could see she was trying to point for the cars behind her, "Look, don't honk at me, I had to wait for the bike to ride by."

Hopefully the honkers felt somewhat contrite now that they'd seen the biker. BUT, now the biker heard honking and saw a finger pointed out an open window at him. He reacted poorly. "F*** You!", he shouted after his shoulder at her.

She was still only most way through the intersection, her arm still pointing out the window, though now sagging in defeat. "No I was just trying to point AT you, so they'd know you were there...." But he was busy riding away in offense. I was outraged for her. She finished her turn and drove away, followed by the impatient cars behind her.

I saw so many lacks of understanding and miscommunications, all piled up into that intersecton. I wanted to leap out of my car, gather them all around, and explain everything so it would all be quite clear.

"She was making sure you crossed safely, that's the only reason she pointed, so don't swear at her!"
"She was saving a life, didn't you see her point? All that honking was unnecessary and disruptive."
"Honking when you're too far away to see what's going on is rude and doesn't ever help a situation."
"You did exactly the right thing, you're the only one, even if none of those losers out there saw it. You did it good."

But my light had turned green, and all of the elements of the small drama had turned their weary vehicles toward work.... so I did the same.
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