alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Clothing Annoyances

As I checked my clothing out in the bathroom mirror this morning at work, making sure it was still looking discrete but nice, I mulled over a problem I often have. When I buy clothes, I really have no idea if I will like them. I mean, a lot of items will look good in the store mirrors, but they will prove to be annoying when I wear them for long periods of time. They might look rumpled quickly. Shirts sometimes ride up, pants prove uncomfortable when sitting for awhile... problems like that.

Occasionally however, an item will be completely delightful. It will hold its shape while staying comfortable but cute all day. I love it when that happens! The problem is that when I buy something, I don't know if it will fall into the "annoying so I hardly ever wear it" category, or the "this is great so I wish I could wear it every day" category.

This means that I hardly ever buy multiples of the same item. If I really like something, if I find a garment to be extra useful, I'd want to have the same thing in a few different colors. But when shopping, I don't actually know if I'll really like it. It's only after wearing it awhile that I know if it's any good or not. I don't want to waste money buying extras of something I won't like.

Of course by the time I realize that something is so great, and get around to returning to the store, it's no longer in stock. That's generally the way of women's clothing. So frequently I find my closet full of stuff that isn't quite right, and maybe one or two things I really like. Frustrating!

I'm very fond of the shirt I'm wearing today. I'll have to look at the tag and see where I got it. Maybe if I'm lucky I can find more of the same style.... but since I got it last year (I think), it's not very likely.
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