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Dance Like Nobody's Watching

As an aside (which I realize is a strange way to start my post), I was returning to work from lunch today, looking through my wallet for a dollar bill. I wanted to buy a nice cold diet pepsi from the vending machine. Looking at my wallet though, I realized it contained almost nothing! Then I realized I'd left my id and money in the pocket of my jacket when I went out dancing last night. Oops.

So I walked down the hall, diet-pepsi-less. I have a collection of change on my desk though, and I thought to myself, "I hope there is enough change to equal a dollar. I'm not sure... I shouldn't have used change to buy a snack yesterday. It might mean I will go thirsty today. Well, I suppose I can always drink water. Just like our primitive ancestors used to do."

So dancing! I went out to Luna last night with a girlfriend. We both love to dance - in fact we first became close while taking ballet together. We've both been under a lot of stress, and she's moving soon, so we realized it was essential to get together and dance.

It was a great night. We were both in similar moods, with similar thoughts on our minds. First we went to Coney and got unhealthy food. Then we walked across the street and got some drinks, arriving early so the place was nice and empty. Plus we didn't have to pay cover. We sat for awhile, talking about futures, men, dreams, and frustration.

Soon it was time for some serious dancing. Thursdays are 80s night at Luna, and they play lots of the music we grew up with. Some fun, some cheesy, but we knew almost all the music. We were both in a mood to dance wholeheartedly, without a care for what others might think or see. In the beginning, we were the only ones on the floor. It was great. We were wild and silly, combining various moves from hip-hop, jazz, mtv dancing, and just pure silliness. When "Hey Mickey" came on we bounced and bopped like an 80s aerobic class, and I could practically *feel* the legwarmers on my ankles.

I danced without restraint, and I did all kinds of stupid/cool/silly moves that came into my head. There was runway strutting, sexy hips, jazz hands, and whatnot. When I struck my ending pose for "Stray Cat Strut", I heard applause. I didn't look at the people to see what they were doing or why they were clapping; I preferred to just pretend it was for me. Fun!

I got to try out my new hair for dancing, and it worked pretty well. It swung nicely, and although it got in my face it wasn't too bad. I was exercising so much my hair was wet, which is a good thing - especially since I was enjoying it the whole time! It was a good night, good to get out, and good girl-talk.

PS - Prince Night, next thursday. Let's all go.
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