alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess


On my way to work I stopped at my new Starbucks, and I was pleased to find it worked quite well (with the flow of traffic and all I mean). I went through the drivethru, which was fun.

I ordered a drink and a muffin, then pulled around. The drivethru guy was quite cheery! He waved my muffin at me, "Blueberry muffin, right?"

I confirmed. He handed me my muffin and I handed him my money. He took another minute for my coffee, and I stared vaguely at nothing. I was extra-tired, having gotten up extra-ealy to meet with a contractor.

He appeared with my coffee and change, handed them to me, and waved me cheerfully on.

I looked at my hands, only one holding something, and said, "Wait, you haven't given me my muffin yet."

"I just handed it to you," he protested.

I looked at the seat next to me in surprise. There sat a forlorn muffin. "So you did!"

"I am wounded," he said. "Tears."

"I'm sorry... It must be because I haven't had any coffee yet."
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