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Today my coworker IM'd me a link to here, a nice FAQ on Tuberculosis. That's been the subject of our lab chit-chat recently, because I have a really nasty cough. They've been joking that it's probably TB, since (he says) it's making a comeback here in the US.

At least, I hope they're joking.

I do have an unpleasant chest cold, and a painfully productive cough. I haven't been feeling terrible, though not splendid either. I think I'm getting a little healthier today though. I certainly sounded better at the beginning of the day today, though a day's worth of talking made me worse in the afternoon. Happily, I'm home now and can rest.

Tuesday I bought some tylonal cold medicine and some sudafed. Today I stopped on my way home and added advil and robitussan to my medication arsenal (don't worry: I'm not taking them all at once!). Plus this time I added my standard cure-all: orange juice and ice cream (once again, I don't take them at once).

Thank goodness it's the weekend -- and a long one at that! Even though I have some stuff scheduled, I can still get some extra sleep, talk less, and hopefully get much better.

If I'm not better at the end of the weekend, I guess I'll get a TB test done... Ya never know, after all! [But no, I don't actually think I have TB!]
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