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Race For The Cure

(To sum up a long(ish) post, here is the short version: Help me support breast cancer research!)

This has been a very breast-cancer-aware year for me. Most recently, a girl with whom I was very close in college, only 33 years old, died from breast cancer. Prior to that, a woman I used to work with died from a reoccurance of breast cancer.

Last summer, I had my very first mammogram. I suffered a bit of terror when some calcifications were found, but after two more mammograms it was determined they weren't anything to worry about. At least for now. In 1999 my mother went through a scary bout with breast cancer herself, but after chemo and radiation, she is currently very healthy again. Plus I've been following the story of an online friend's mother as she's gone through a double-mastectomy.

One in eight women come down with this disease in their lifetime. It's been a complex and hyper-aware time for me, and it leaves me feeling sad and helpless. All I can really do is support my friends emotionally through their hard times -- that and try to raise money for research and detection. This is why I've been participating in the local Race for the Cure ever since my mom's battle began.

Recently I've been asking my friends to help me support this cause, and this year is no exception. I've been a bit slow in registering and getting my donation page online, but it's finally up and ready. I would be hugely thankful for any money you're able to contribute. Even a couple of dollars will help make a difference.

In the past I've offered incentives for any friend able to donate. Last year, and I don't know why, I failed to come through with most of those promises. I am so sorry for that, and I don't have any good excuse. This year I aim to do better. My thought is something slighly less ambitious, and then I should do a better job of making good on the promise. I won't tell you what it is, for fear of ruining the surprise, but I will need your address!

Comments to this post are screened, so feel free to comment with your address. I'd be thrilled if you can offer any help or support. I've set it up so that nobody's name will be shown on my donation page, and you can donate completely anonymously if that is your preference. If you have questions, just ask.

Please donate to my Race for the Cure campaign.

love and peace,
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