alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Vacation Soon

Next week I'm going on vacation. I'm taking a full week off of work. I just realized, I don't think I've taken a full week off in.... two years? That's ridiculous, why did I do that to myself? It is so bad for my mental health, and I know that. No wonder I'm stressed out these days. I haven't given my brain time to let go of my job.

Come to think of it I'll still have my classwork next week, so it won't be a complete vacation -- but 9 days (since I get two weekends when I take off a whole week) should be enough time to at least slightly forget about my job and distract myself. It will be good for me. It's been too long. Work and other stuff has been really wearing me down.

My plan is: a few days at home to do nothing. Then fly to Milwaukee and see my sister. Then she and I drive to Chicago to see the rest of the family, and celebrate my and my brother's birthdays. (With cake! Yay!) Then we drive back to Milwaukee, then I'll fly home.

Then it's back to work, although I think I'll be going directly to Ann Arbor for some training. I'll even be staying there for at least a few nights, so I can do "team stuff" in the evening. Still work, but at least not my usual day-to-day stuff.... so hopefully that will still be a wee bit vacation-like.

Then of course it's back to the ol' grind, but I hope I hope I'll be refreshed, more spirited, more ready to see the good and the challenge in what I do. And less stressed. I need that.
Tags: travel, work
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