alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Traveling and Nothing to Wear

It's been a busy week plus something. I've been fairly out of internet contact, which is unusual for me -- especially since I wasn't expecting it.

Last tuesday I packed and flew to Milwaukee to visit my sister. Her wireless router was broken, so I didn't connect much at all. Then we took a train to Chicago to hang out with the rest of our immediate family. They had internet, but I was mostly just busy with family. And the computer time I did have, I spent doing school stuff. Then we trained back to Milwaukee. Then I flew to Detroit.

At the Detroit airport, instead of going home, I instead drove straight to Ann Arbor. I've been in training all week, staying at a hotel nearby so I can interact with my out-of-town coworkers I never see.

Except last night, I went home for a few hours. Tonight, I'm back in A2, and I still have class tomorrow and friday (although this will be my last night in the hotel). I've been sleeping in four different beds for over a week, only one of which was mine -- to complicate matters, I did a terrible job packing and I keep discovering that I do not have the types of clothes I want to wear.

Also I've been disconnected from my normal onlineishness. Essentially I feel generally disconnected and out of the groove... out of sorts I guess.

(And what the heck is all this about zombies?)

Somehow when I went home last night and packed a new bag, I forgot to bring the pants I'd planned on bringing. I don't really want to wear the carpis I wore today again, but they are all I have now. Silly, because one of the reasons I wanted to go home was because I had nothing to wear so I wanted to replenish my suitcase....

On the plus side, I drove to Lansing this evening for dinner with my euchre girlfriends! Even if we didn't actually play euchre, it was great to hang out.

Another plus side is that my coworkers donated $43 to my race for the cure campaign! The Race is saturday!

Another plus side is that last night I spent some really good "face time" with my out of town boss, and I talked to him about a whole lot of stuff on my mind. It was a good conversation, and eventually hopefully I'll find a moment to write it down.

In another conversation yesterday, a coworker and I discussed a friend's family who has been through all kinds of sickness and struggle over the past several years. They really stress to their children to make the most of each day, because you never know where the future will take you. Every night they have a family conversation: What did we do today to make it special?

I like that idea. I don't know if I will always remember to think it over daily, but I like the idea of ending each day with that thought. What did I do today to make it special?

Today I had dinner with some good friends. It was otherwise a chaotic and stressful day, but making the drive and the effort to spend time with them made today special.

[Edit: Although I wrote this last night, I looked at this post this morning and realized there were a few completely wrong bits. Obviously I'm still rather out of it. I raised $43 only, and I took a train not a car to Chicago. It's fixed now, and I must hurry off to work! *yawn*]
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