alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess


I am doing much better today. For one thing, it's my friday off. I'm not at work... thank goodness. I am not sure why this week has been wigging me out so much, but it has, and that's not fun. I'm just.. feeling overwhelmed in a lot of little ways I guess.

In continuation of my "nesting phase", I had Empire come out and install carpet in my upstairs this morning. (I figured: I have their phone number memorized, so why not?)

They just left, and although I have a bunch of vacuuming and rearranging to do, it's looking good. My phone is attempting to post a picture right now.

I have a crapload of work to do for school; this class ends a week from tomorrow. I can't believe it's practically July.

But I'm doing better. I'm breathing, trying to get things done, and not at work. I'm having a chicken sub, and contemplating a short nap before I continue with the paper I'm trying to write. I have plans to see several friends this weekend. I will finish my paper. I will get some rest somewhere in there.

I'll be okay.
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