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Eats and Cleats

Today my boss-and-fellow-softball-player went to lunch. Our purpose was two-fold: get some yummy Mexican food into our digestive systems, and find me some softball cleats.

Boss is a good softball player; he usually plays left field. I'm a fairly terrible one; I generally play right field (which is where they stick the poorer players, but that's fine with me). The grass gets slippery out there, and Boss said that I might find some cleats to be helpful. So I figured what the heck, we'd make a lunch out of it.

The Mexican food was hugely successful. The place was packed, but I was clever and had ordered our stuff ahead. So we shouldered our way past the huge long line up to the counter, and promptly picked up and paid for our tacos and burrito. Quite tasty stuff, everything was fresh and seemed pretty healthy too.

Then we hit the sporting goods store. We went to the "shoe" area of the store and surveyed the vast array of soccer cleats they had with growing apprehension. Finally a helpful saleslady pointed us to the baseball/softball cleats, which had their very own section. There weren't a whole lot of options in my size, as I have small feet. Apparently most people have already bought their cleats for the season. But we found and tried on (well actually I was the only one trying anything on) three different pairs, and after some walking and jumping and pretend-running, I settled on a nice pair.

The only bad thing was that I'd forgotten my wallet at home today, so Boss had to buy my lunch and cleats for me (I promised I'd pay him back tomorrow!). I felt like a little kid, "Are these okay Dad? Can I have this pair? Is the price good?" I carried the shoebox up to the counter, and he pulled out his credit card. I shoulda been wearing my hair in pigtails; it would have made it look more believable. (He's only 5 years older than me.)

But, complications aside, I now have softball cleats! Hooray! I get to use them tomorrow night, at our very first softball game. I do feel like a kid with a new toy...can't wait to try it out.
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