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School, Class 2

Database architecture... home stretch. Sunday I got my assignment in on time -- all 4500 words of it! If I'd double-spaced it (which I don't), I think it'd be 25 pages or so. Ick. But the guy essentially wanted us to write five (5!) papers, all pretending to be one assignment.

I wasn't fooled. But there wasn't anything I could do about it... other than grumpily keep writing. Mean grad school professors.

I keep hoping he'll grade it and send it back, but nothing yet. Tonight, however, I turned in my Course Project! Yay, and it's not even due until sunday!!

This earliness would be more impressive if I didn't still have a (monstrous and scary-looking) take-home final exam to finish this week and turn in on sunday, midnight, mountain standard time. Eek!

Anyway up there I said "tonight I turned in my course project", but it was only for loose definitions of the word "tonight". Because it was 4am. and now I'm exhausted, but also all riled up on adrenaline. I got on a good roll earlier this evening, and I decided to simply not stop. If I could just get the project out of the way, I could focus my attentions for the whole rest o the week on the final exam. So I just pushed on through, and everything put together, and emailed it off. It's done! Hopefully soon I'll relax down enough that I can sleep, at least for a couple of hours before work.

It was a interesting if big project. I had to start by picking an imaginary business problem to solve. Write up a problem statement, how software could help. and then identify 6 reports that were required to make the project a success.

Once I had a problem, I had to model it. Starting with an un-normalized DB, then take it through steps of normalization to 3NF. Dependency diagrams the whole way, then finally finish with a nice pretty Entity Relationship Diagram in crow's foot notation. Mine looked quite lovely.

After all that, I had to write a data dictionary. Then I had to write SQL DDL code to create the database I'd just modeled. Then of course the DML code to insert test data (at least 10 recs) into all the tables.

Then I got to write the reports, the ones I'd made up in my specs, against the test data. That was challenging, and it was fun seeing it work finally.

I thought I'd be done, but nooooo. He wanted some GUI specs too! Crazy. I wasn't clear on what that was for, and we didn't really do any front-end work in this database architecture class. I mocked up a couple of nice screens, so I did something... but I'm not sure if it was anything like he wanted.

Oh well, I put a ton of work into it, and I think most of it is excellent. I'm sure he'll like it as a whole. I hope!

Now I really have to try to sleep....
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