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Talking Lots

Will talks like crazy. Tilly still doesn't talk (although she did learn to say "hat")... I think it might be because she can't get a word in edgewise. She makes up for it by being incredibly adorable and cuddley. She also points a lot.

When he is talking about something exciting he speaks with his whole face. His eyebrows dance, and he speaks the words especially clearly. I think this is especially true with words he thinks are cool.

I asked if he had a beach hat. "Yes, I have a flowery hat. It's reversible! You put it on one way, then you turn it around, and you can wear that side too."

I asked him about Play Camp, and he said it was fun. Sometimes they go on trips. "But Fletcher didn't get to go to the zoo, because he was naughty." Oh, said I, you went to the zoo? "Yes but not Fletcher. He was naughty, so he didn't get to see the spiny crab! It doesn't have claws." I asked if he meant it has no pinchers? "No, no claws, just really long ears."

I wasn't convinced that the "long ears" weren't really claws, pointed up over its head. I brought this up, but he said that definitely wasn't the case. So I let it go. He was very insistent that crabs have ears, and who am I to argue?

Will has a firm opinion on everything, whether he knows anything about it at all. He may not be right, but he's always quite certain!

Recently though, his odd stories have turned out true. Like when he explained last time that they had to get a new stroller because somebody had dumped bricks on the old one. I nodded politely, because it totally sounded like an imagination sort of story.... but then his mom told me that in fact the construction workers next door HAD tossed some building materials over the fence, and the stroller had been parked there, and it had been ruined. No way!
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