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I Love Books

I've loved books ever since I moved to HW and my mom took me to the library there the first time. No that's not true -- I loved books before that -- but that was the day I fell in love with libraries. Worlds of limitless books and possibilities. I grew up in libraries. I think a lot of my friends did as well.

It's scary to realize that libraries are becoming under-appreciated these days. Where some of my friends live in Lapeer Michigan, the library is in danger of shutting down altogether. They are closing the libraries!? It's just crazy... some of my favorite books live there! Many of my local friends know about this impending tragedy, but it occurs to me that some people who read this may not.

Do you live in Lapeer? Go vote YES on August 7th, so the library gets funding and stays alive. Do you know somebody who lives in Lapeer? Send them this information, convince them to take the time to vote Yes. Do you know somebody who knows somebody....?

You see what I mean. Let's put our six degrees of separation to work, and convince all of Lapeer's voters that this needs to happen. Spread the word...votes for libraries... tell all your friends... have them tell all their friends....

Say YES to libraries

"Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries."
--Anne Herbert, The Whole Earth Catalog

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