alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Cooler Day

This morning I noted that it was finally cooler than it has been. I can step outside without immediately feeling like I'm in a sauna! Well actually that was yesterday also, but this morning I did something about it.

I rode my bike to work! I've been meaning to do this all year, but for one reason or another have no actually managed to do so. (It's about 8.5 miles, enough of a distance to feel it, but not too long.)

This morning I took a bit longer than usual, figuring out what to wear and what to pack, and pumping up my tires and stuff... I got to work late but felt and feel good about the whole thing. It was a nice ride, even if a bit windy at times. Not too hot - although I was still all sweaty when I arrived. It's interesting that I often get sweatier when I stop exercising, than when I'm actually doing it.

Anyway I stopped in the bathroom, used a bunch of paper towels and got myself more or less back to normal, changed my shirt and shoes, and settled down at my desk.

I'm glad I finally rode! Now I just have to do it more... especially since I have my bike trip coming up next month.
Tags: biking
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