alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess


That earlier entry about HP was supposed to be a joke. I'm not sure if everyone got it... It's hard to tell sometimes. Maybe everyone did, but just in case. It was supposed to be like: Here I was all proud of myself for getting the book early, thinking I'm special, I stood in line forever, but I didn't even know enough to buy the right book!

I was just being silly. It's not really true see, in fact I didn't buy a book at all. I just went for the social aspects of it. And they social aspects were much fun!!

I have a weird sense of humor sometimes. I say things that are meant to be "way over the top", and sometimes much to my surprise they are taken seriously.

Of course, explaining your own jokes is even more pathetic, so I'll stop now. Pay no attention to me, I'm just babbling....
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