alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess


I am so tired this week. Each night I've been going to sleep earlier than the last, and each morning it seems like I wake up tireder than the last. Or perhaps the same tiredness; it's hard to tell with my brain all foggy. I don't think I can blame this any longer on my "pseudo jet lag", so I guess it's just general weariness.

I can't figure out what to eat recently, which probably doesn't help. I need to do better with finding healthy foods and eating them at proper times. I've been taking vitamins, and I should do that more diligently.

I need a vacation! Fortunately I have one coming up. I need to ride my bike more to prepare! Unfortunately I just can't seem to find the energy/motivation to do so this week. Tonight I'll try to do so anyway.

Sadly tomorrow is not my day off, but saturday I don't have anything major going on. Hopefully I can spend some time re-energizing myself then, including lots of sleep followed by a nice long bike ride to get my blood moving again.

In other headspaces, sometimes my friends' pain echoes as deeply as my own.
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