alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Almost Vacation Time

Oh my gosh, I am off to Europe in LESS THAN A WEEK! I leave friday night. I'm going here. I can't believe it's coming up so fast. I have no idea if I'll be ready.

But I'm going, one way or another! So exciting.

I had a strange dream last night, wherein I received as a gift a pretty silver lighter, like a zippo or something, and it was engraved. I liked it a whole lot. Then later I was really thirsty, and I noticed the top was made of ice, so I started sucking on the top part. It melted like rock candy, and I was less thirsty but I was sad because I'd ruined my nice new lighter.

Dreams are weird.

Today I plan to ride my bike to all my errands/activities. Just like I will do in Europe! I've been riding quite a lot recently, but not many long distances. Hopefully this will not come back to bite me too badly in Switzerland. It's a pretty flat country.... right?

You know how your hair can change dramatically in one day. Like it will go from "pretty nice looking" to "oh my God I need a haircut RIGHT NOW" in just 24 hours? I don't know how that can be, but it happened yesterday. Today I must get my hair cut.

Also: buy cat food, return library books, go to smegs, and hope I haven't forgotten anything else important.

Boring post. Quite shameful really, but I must get going anyway.
Tags: biking, dream, hair
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