alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Bike Day

For any who wondered, I am home safe and sound. I had a good riding day yesterday, over 25 miles in total. It was an all-bicycle day: went to the library, visited a garage sale, bought cookies and cat food, got my hair cut, then rode to SEMGS (lugging the cat food in my pannier all the way to and from smegs -- most of the cookies, at least, only went one way).

It was very hot out during the day, but when I was actually riding there was enough wind to keep me pretty comfortable. The problem would be when I stopped riding: my body would still be generating all that heat, with no way for it to cool off. I walked into G&G's all red-faced and sweaty. Fortunately they kindly offered to let me take a shower, which made all of smegs much more enjoyable (for everybody, I'm sure!).

I left for home after midnight, but I have lights and a bright shirt -- the ride home was just fine. Actually aside from being occasionally worried about the dark, it was a very pleasant ride. Cooler temperature and less traffic.
Tags: biking
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