alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Alpine Lakes

I still can't believe I'm leaving in less than a week. I'm feeling very unprepared! Thus do I appeal to the collective LJ brain: what will I forget? Obviously you can't read my mind, but if you can think of some item that you really wished you'd remembered when you traveled, or something european-specific or cycling-specific that somebody might not think of, feel free to post here with advice and experiences.

Bear in mind that, aside from my trip to Venice when I reunite with my suitcase, everything I bring will be carried with me in my bicycle panniers. So I'm trying to pack very light, while still remembering all the essentials. On the other hand, I'm totally worried about the right combination of warm clothes for alpine areas vs. lighter sunnier clothes. And shoes. I was originally thinking all-sandals, but I might need warm shoes for occasional hiking, but those are heavy. Yikes! I might go glacier skiing at the Matterhorn (when will I ever get to say that again, after all?) -- but I'm definitely not bringing ski gear. Oh, decisions decisions....

ipod, camera, treo, plus chargers. plug adapter thingy. ebooks, plane book.
rain gear. zip-lock bags. sunscreen. hat. swim suit. duct tape.
bike helmet, seat, bags front/back, strap, gloves, clothes, etc. woolwhite.
credit cards, pins, passport. train ticket.
blue wind jacket. black stretch pants. warm shoes, gloves, pants, sweater?
nice clothes for evening - skirt, white sweater, blouse, fancier sandals, dress for venice.
capris, short sleeved shirts, long sleeved shirt, maybe long pants?
Tags: travel
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