alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Italian Lakes

My Y and Z are still switched, but I will try harder to use them correctly. *smile* It is a bit easier, since this is a hotel computer, not one I have paid a lot of money for just a couple of minutes.... The apostrophe is hard to use though, so I will have to be a bit formal in my writing.

Yesterday was cold and rainy, not a great day for bicycling. That can be the problem with these sorts of vacations. There are no weather guarantees. We rode 65 km in the rain, and it was a combination of miserable, comraderie, adventure, and shivering. It is nice to have a hot shower and warm bed at the end of the day though.

Today it is also cold, but not currently raining. I have not decided how much bicycling I will do today.... going to watch the weather for a bit first. Currently in Melide Switzerland, and if it was sunny out there is a beautiful cycle route around the lakes. There is also a chocolate factory to visit.

But I am not sure I want to be cold and wet, so I will work on my Sun Dance. I am managing to have a good time anyway. The people are fun and we are sharing some good times.
Tags: travel
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