alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Money Matters

I've been wondering recently about investments. I'm not very good at investing and accounting and such. I'm good at making money and saving it -- fortunately these are the most important steps -- but what I do with it after that is fairly haphazard.

No it's not under my mattress, don't worry! I have a few savings and retirement accounts and investments with a discount brokerage, but I suspect my money isn't working for me as hard as it could. (I've told it "go forth and multiply", but I'm curious about ways to be more firm.) I'm not focused enough I think. I go through phases where I pay careful attention, research stocks and funds, get everything allocated properly, then I'll hit long phases where I don't think about it much or at all.

I've contemplated turning my savings over to an accountant or somebody who would keep a closer eye on them, but I'm not sure if the fees are worth the return. Also I'm not sure how to go about finding a good person/company for the job. I'm curious about what other people do.

So... what do you do with your money? Not the money you spend, but the money which you save when you're lucky enough to be able to.... how do you make it grow? Do you use an accountant, and if so how did you pick one? What do they do for you?

Do you do your own investing? If so, do you use funds, stocks, cds, or other things? How much time do you spend monitoring and reallocating?

Feel free to answer as little or as much as possible. It's funny, because money can be such a sensitive matter: I feel weird and guilty for even bringing it up! But perhaps I'll end up with some helpful advice, or at least some new ways of looking at things. Heck, maybe other similarly clueless people can find ideas as well!
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