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Saturday I went to R's house for my monthly potluck thing. It was fun, as always. Upon arriving, I realized I hadn't visited the house before, so she gave me a tour.

They have this cool 'bridge' thing on the upper floor, where there are rails overlooking the main floor on both sides. As I admired this, R explained to me with mock sternness that the rule is that nobody is allowed to drop *anything* off the balcony. No matter how tempting. She always makes sure to tell visiting children that.

I thanked her for the warning, because the idea had already crossed my mind. House rules though, I can understand that.

"Of course realistically small soft things, or paper, wouldn't really be a problem," she added, "but it's best to have an all-or-nothing policy with kids."

I nodded. "So I suppose my initial thought of dropping a handful of super bouncy balls would be right out."

Somebody laughed in horror, but R grinned. She may be a mom, but she still has a sense of the mischevious. "That would probably be better off the other side, where there is tile instead of carpet."

It would be such fun! Probably best saved for a day when the children are not home though....
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