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Just got back from a late-night walk. It was thunderstorming earlier, albeit mildly - I'd planned to go out walking in it, but didn't quite get around to it. I enjoy walking in the rain and storms. I prefer summer storms, because you can go out half-clothed and really enjoy it, feel it caressing your skin and be one with the elements....but even though it's autumn, today was not a horribly cold day so I thought it would still be nice. I guess I just like weather, which is perhaps strange since I hate to be cold, but I still find nature beautiful..

The post-storm misty dark haze I found myself in was wonderful. The sky was a kind of a light brown / dark gray color, impossible to describe, an overcast night without stars or moon but with its own peculiar glow. It couldn't quite decide if it was going to stop raining or not.

Most of the trees have lost their leaves by now, so their wetly dark branches were starkly silhouetted against the sky. I love the fantastically fractal nature of trees; they never cease to intrigue me. Each of them is completely unique, even while being functionally built from the same pieces. Kind of like people.

There was this one tree, it had the misfortune to be growing underneath an electric wire. So somebody had trimmed it away from the wire, but it looked as though it had basically split itself in half, bent one half over to duck underneath the wire, and both sides had kept right one growing. I love the way a tree reaches for the sun, even if it has to go around obstacles along the way.
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