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Last night at softball I pulled my right quad - the big muscle in the front of my thigh. Well, actually I re-injured it. Last weekend after my many many activities, I was really sore. All over. As the days passed, my body started to heal itself, and I was feeling mostly better.

Except for my right leg, which stayed very sore. I remember Wednesday night I was climbing on and off a chair, installing a curtain rod, and I would groan aloud each time I did so, because my leg muscle was still so sore. I gave it some extra stretching and ignored it otherwise, as I tend to.

Yesterday morning I felt fine. I did my morning exercises (for the first time in too long), then went for a short run. Just a mile and a half. Felt good, no pain, although my leg still felt very tight when I stretched afterwards. I spent the afternoon weeding and working on my yard.

At softball I stretched right before the game. Still felt very tight, but no pain, so I figured I was fine. My first time up at bat, I hit the ball, started to run for first, and felt ripping pain through my right leg. "Oh, shit," I thought poeticly.

I thought I was being good - I thought I was stretching enough! Problem is I just wasn't really thinking. I just didn't realize how vulnerable the muscle still was, and that it must have been injured more than I'd thought last week. I suppose I should have noticed that it was still bothering me a week later, and taken better care of it. But I was too busy living to notice that my leg wasn't right yet!

Throughout the game it got progressively tighter and more sore. Of course I was playing catcher again so I kept squatting and standing. Fortunately (?) I didn't get on base the first few times I batted - the last time, I did get on base (and batted in a run, yay!), and asked for a runner to take my place. By that point it was obvious to everyone that I was injured, as getting to first I was doing the funky little hopping-hurrying-run-thing.

By the time I got home last night I couldn't bend my leg enough to walk up/down my stairs, I had to one-leg it the whole way. This morning I'm (barely) okay with stairs again, but still very tight and sore. I'm applying ice, and worrying about the fact I'm supposed to go skating this afternoon. I really don't want to miss it, but I don't know if my leg is up to it. I guess I'll keep icing and babying it, and see how I feel in a few hours.....
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