alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Brother Talk

I called my brother last night while he was at work.

"Hey bro', what's up?"
"Well we've got a dead body here."
"Oh my gosh, I should let you go then!"
"Nah, we're just waiting for the ambulance. This is beyond my medical skills."
"Well, I guess if he's dead, there's no hurry..."
"Actually he might not be dead. He occasionally makes these gasping noises."
"That is definitely NOT completely dead."
"Hey the ambulance is here, I'll call you back in awhile."

He called back an hour or so later.

"So how is the dead guy?"
"He's alive! It was a heroin OD, and they injected him with some kind of drug and he sprang up."
[pause while somebody nearby tells us what drug does that]
"Oh cool."
"Yeah, but when he woke up he was really angry and rude, so it kind of made the whole thing less rewarding."
"You were expecting a heroin addict to be polite?"

[getting down to business, general sister-brother conversation ensues, and we chat for awhile]

"Well, I'll talk to you later. Gotta go fight crime!"

My brother the cop. Funny...but weird!
Tags: family
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