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Someday I will buy this.


When you want to redo your concrete driveway, does it make more sense to wait until post-winter, or to do it now?


A friend/coworker called me "Mrs" just now, and I corrected him. Then I teasingly broke out in a rant. "Oh sure, just taunt me, just throw it in my face that I'm single! That's right, I don't have a boyfriend! No marriage, no family!" I wasn't serious, I was just laughing.

He responded seriously though, "That's because you're picky. You're a great catch, don't you forget that." I was still trying to pass it off as a joke, but he wouldn't let me. What a sweet friend.


After a big emergency meeting this morning, it looks like our new website is going to production this weekend. Oh sure it's a pilot/beta thing, but we'll be going live! That's a big step. We've shown the customer that we can deliver.


This morning, taking out the garbage, I was thinking about living alone. To a large extend I like living alone, but work is so much easier when shared. I live alone, so I am responsible for everything. I either do it or pay to have it done. I take out the garbage. I do the laundry. I clean the toilet, vacuum, etc. When a hunk of concrete falls off the step, I either fix it or step over it. When the heat stops working, I figure out how to make it warm again. When a lightbulb or battery stops working, I replace it.

When there is a noise in the middle of the night, I get up and investigate it. Then I blame the cats. When I discover that it is the cover of the smoke alarm which has fallen off, I apologize to the cats. Then I drag a chair over and fix it. ...Actually that's not true, in this case I moved it aside so I wouldn't step on it and left it on the floor. Dragging a chair over is what made it fall off, because it was a bit too high to properly fasten the cover back on when I changed the battery. The cover stayed on for a few days, but eventually gravity became too much for it apparently. Soon I will drag a taller piece of furniture over and put the cover back on.

I love the fact that I can take care of myself, but it sure is a bother sometimes.


This morning while changing the kitty litter, I noticed the brand name. Tidy Cat. I thought that it would go well with the Spider Man theme song, so I started singing it. "Tidy cat, tidy cat, does whatever a...." well then it stopped working. So I tried Batman. "Dananana dananana Tidy Cat!" No, that didn't work either.

Then I thought about Robin, not my cat but the Boy Wonder. I've always liked him better, with his "Holy this and that!" I like saying Holy-whatever too. Like when it's cold out, I'll say "Holy Brrr, Batman!"

Then I remembered in that recent movie with Robin, when he said "Holy rusted metal Batman!" And Batman looked weirded out... What? And Robin explained, "This metal, the water has made it rusty and full of holes."

I laughed and laughed, and it still makes me giggle a little bit inside every time I think of it. That was my favorite part of the movie.
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