alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Bicycling attracts...

Last week at Mackinac, I got to know L while riding around the island together and sitting in the backseat of the jeep together. She was one of the group staring in amazement when we met Lone Star the Alpaca on the drive back.

Today my new friend L pointed me to a social club bicycle ride going on in Plymouth. They were going to ride 25 miles, and visit two cider mills! Naturally I agreed to join her.

Yesterday, she had taken her daughter to the first cider mill. Today it was just a trip for us older folks (I won't say "grown up", but maybe "less young"). When we got to the first cider mill, she said to me, "I have a surprise for you."

I followed her around back, and there was a petting zoo. She gestured dramatically and I saw....


How is it possible to go on two bicycle trips in less than two weeks, in Michigan, each of which involve alpacas?? I have never in my life prior to this month been on ANY trip in which an alpaca was featured.

(This may seem unusual to those of you reading this from one of the Alpaca Homelands, but they do not roam free in Michigan.)

Thinking one of them might be our earlier friend I tried calling, "Lone Star?", but neither of them turned around. So I guess it wasn't him.

I thought that L and I should try to get them to pose with us for a picture. We made nickering noises, patted the fence, called both "Lone Star!" and "Here, Alpaca!", but to no avail. They were much too busy having lunch to pay attention to more silly fudgies. (Or maybe appleies, since it was a cider mill?)


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