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Metric Century

A "century" bicycle ride is 100 miles. A metric century is 100 kilometers. I haven't done a regular century yet, but on sunday I completed my second metric one, at the Blue Water Ramble. It was particularly cool this time, because not only did I ride with my sister (who flew all the way from Milwaukee to join me), but a few friends rode too!

Here is what we (minus Jer, the photographer extraordinare) looked like at the beginning of the ride. See how fresh and invigorated we look? That will change.

It has been scientifically proven that bicycling with me attracts alpacas. So along with our search for 100 km, we also searched for alpacas.

This yellow slidey thing Brendan and I rode on? Not an alpaca.

This rocking watery thing that took us to Canada? Also not an alpaca.

And this? Probably the most closely alpaca-shaped thing so far, but still....

...DEFINITELY not an alpaca. Alpacas are too small to accommodate this many bicyclists.

Still not an alpaca.

It is essential that whenever Jer and I ride together we photograph ourselves in front of water, with Detroit (well, Michigan), on the other side of the river. However, clearly not an alpaca.

Finally, we have alpaca evidence! Proof that all my bicycle rides include alpacas. I just wish I had known enough to look for them on earlier rides. I wonder how many alpacas I rode past in Europe?

At this point I dubbed us "Team Alpaca". I'm proud of be part of our pack of alpacas, and next year we will definitely have jerseys, or at least t-shirts. I have decided that anybody who rides with me or has ever ridden with me is a part of Team Alpaca (not just sunday's Team Metric Century Alpaca), which means that several friends have been "grand-alpacaed" in.

Now I just need to find a good logo, and I will put together the Team Alpaca uniform.

At the end of the ride, we were all looking a little more blurry and disheveled. And tired. And sweaty, and thirsty. But we did it -- 100 kilometers!

Tags: alpaca, biking, family, friends
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