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Doctors and Depression and Smoochy

Weird day yesterday. I've been kinda bummed all week, gradually getting more depressed. My leg has been hurting a lot, getting in the way of anything I want to do. It's been swollen and lumpy, eerily resembling a fat old lady's leg. I've been eating like crazy, trying (unsuccessfully) to fill a void which I cannot name, causing myself to feel not better but fatter.

I've discovered that although there isn't much I can do right now without pain, I can do stomach crunches. So in the past 2.2 days I've done 888 of them, since for some random reason I'm doing them in sets of 222. This may very well be the only thing keeping the rest of me from ballooning up like my leg, given all the crap I've eaten recently.

Actually my leg is getting a little bit better finally. I even went and saw a Sports Medicine doctor yesterday to make sure it would eventually heal, given how swollen it was. He confirmed that the muscle has some torn tissue (which is bleeding and causing the swelling/discoloration), but isn't torn all the way through. He said ice and rest is best for it, and he did some brief physical therapy on it, with a funky ultrasound machine that stimulated the injured muscle. I have to expect 6 to 8 weeks before it's completely healed, but I can gradually begin resuming normal activities - although softball is bad for it, and I need to be especially careful there. I have to start stretching and stuff, and be careful, listen to what my body is telling me (instead of ignoring it - my specialty).

I also visited my stomach doctor guy yesterday, and we talked about my stomach issues and whatnot. This was kinda useful, but too boring to write about right now (unlike the fascinating stuff I've written so far...heh).

I took yesterday off, because I had those two appointments, plus a financial workshopy thing in the early evening. My time inbetween appointments was spent moping, eating ice cream and other junk food, and napping. By the time evening came I was thoroughly miserable, even though I don't know why. Just distinctly unhappy. I was also cold all day, and it was raining and icky out, which of course didn't help.

Fortunately the day ended better, as I met up with C for the financial thingy. He took one look at me and asked, "What's the matter, baby?" I attempted without success to articulate the reasonless for my sadness, and he cuddled me briefly. After the workshop we went and saw a very nice movie (Death to Smoochy, definitely recommended), and had pizza, chocolate, alcohol, and more cuddling....all of which contributed to making me feel somewhat better.
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