alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Hair Confusion

My head is weird. I think the main issue is that I have a really high forehead, so my hairline starts farther back than some people's. Also my hair is fairly thin.

Whatever the cause, I can't really wear elastic hair-bands. The elastic circles that you see lots of girls wearing around their hair -- when I try to wear one, it gradually contracts, going drifting away from my forehead and neck, until it just pops off the back of my head. I don't know how other girls pull it off; it looks so nice when they do it. I guess it must be because they have more hair to hold than I do.

My hair looks nice pulled back a little bit like that. Like when I push my sunglasses on my head, for example. So I bought a couple of plastic and metal hair-bands, the kind that are horseshoe-shaped. These look pretty nice to me, and I found a few that don't tend to slide off the way the elastic ones do.

However, they give me a headache. The ends press into the sides of my head, leaving small dents there, and by midway through the day my head is hurting. I take the band on and off through the day (right now it is sitting beside my keyboard) to feel better. I don't know why this is, because I've never felt that my head is particularly large. In fact since the rest of my body is smaller than many people's, and my head is somewhat proportional, it seems to logically follow that my head is probably smaller than many people's. So why would a generic one-size-fits-all hairband hurt me? I would think if anything, it would be too big. What do girls with bigger heads do? I don't know - maybe they're the ones wearing elastic headbands.

Lots of people nowadays tuck their hair behind their ears. That looks nice, but how do they get it to stay behind their ears? Darned if I know. Little barrettes/hairpins are also popular, I've noticed, to achieve a similar behind-the-ears look. But I am never really successful with those either.

I'm not sure what the problem here is. Either my head is weird, my hair is weird, I'm clumsy, I'm impatient, or I over-think things. I suppose it's probably a combination of all those things. It'd be nice if my hair just always looked like it does in the icon up there, but it mostly only looks like that when my hair-dresser spends lots of time blow-drying and round-brushing it in some complicated manner. (I wonder if all of this stems from my insistence on air-drying my hair, instead of blow-drying it?)

Hair is complicated.
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