alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

It's official

I guess it's official now, so I can stop with the friends-only stuff.... Yesterday I submitted my resignation letter, signed my job offer, and faxed it in. I have a new job.
  • My last day at my current job will be December 17th, although my resignation is effective December 31st.
  • My first day at the new job will be January 2nd. There's a nice symmetry in switching on the new year!
  • I will be a Senior Software Engineer for an international data technology company. Still a javagrl.
  • Although I will be traveling to Belgium every couple of months, and traveling to New Hampshire every couple of months, I will continue living in my lovely little house here in Michigan.
  • The 75% of time not traveling, I will be working either out of my home or in Southfield, some combination of each I think... that part's still not entirely clear to me. I'll find out soon though.
  • My first trip will be January 7th to New Hampshire, after only three days of employment.
  • My boss, a great guy, was very happy for me when I told him. Sad for the team, but happy I'd found something neat. In fact when I described the job his comment was, "I just have NO IDEA why you'd rather work there than an insurance company!"

Wow. I'm really excited, even if the whole thing is freaky and scary too. A new adventure awaits me next year. I'm looking forward to it.
Tags: ta, work
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