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Lamp Power

This morning I left Cleveland after 6am and drove straight to my office. I got there just a bit before 10.... not bad timing. I worked until 7:30pm. I'm tired! Today was one of those stressful "oh my gosh I'm really glad I'm leaving" sort of days, sadly enough.

When I got home, I found some annoyed kitties. "I thought you said you were coming back yesterday, and we're sooo hungry!" I also found the light I ordered last week, sitting in a box on my porch.

Once I got the cats fed, I happily unpacked my light and started putting it together. As I did so, my mind wandered....

It was at least ten years ago, and I'd met a guy at a job fair or something. I gave him my number, and he called the next day. We were chatting -- it's hard to think of things to talk about sometimes, so I mentioned something I was pleased about. "Oh guess what I did today.... I bought a new bookcase!"

His response surprised me. "Oh no," he said, sounding annoyed. "Now you want me to come over and put it together for you?"

I will pause for a moment for the collective gasp from everyone who knows me to subside.

It's a shame, because he'd been cute. But a guy who leaps to that kind of conclusion? Clearly not looking to date a girl like me. I was hurt and offended, both that he thought I couldn't take care of it myself, and because he assumed I was asking him for something instead of just sharing something that had made me happy.

Back to the present... I got the light all put together, then I plugged it in. Then I got a bulb for it. The socket had a "do not eat" packet in there for some reason, and I pulled it out. Then I felt around to make sure there wasn't more junk in there. I gave my fingers a good shake with a squinched-up expression on my face, because the mild electrocution was uncomfortable. Then I screwed in the bulb. Quite bright! Then I realized that the shade wouldn't attach with the bulb in. I unplugged the lamp this time, pleased with my forethought. I removed the bulb. I fussed around with it for awhile, because it wasn't clear how the shade was to attach. I figured it out, put the shade on, put the bulb back on, and turned the lamp back on. Nothing. Oh yeah, the plug! Whose stupid idea was it to unplug it anyway?

See, I said I was tired today.... but even after a four-hour drive and a nine-hour day at work, I still didn't need a silly guy to put together a piece of furniture for me!

The light looks nice. It's still a little bright though.... I might get a lower wattage bulb later. I'm not sure.
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