alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Motherish Day

The day before Mothers' Day, I went to a bonfire. Well, it was supposed to be a bonfire, but it was raining, yet again, so it was really just a gathering around an indoor fireplace. But I digress.

On the way there, we stopped to pick up H. We went inside, and he handed me a card. Startled, I thanked him and opened it. It was a mothers' day card. Since I am not a mother (except to my cats, who hardly ever do anything for me on mothers' day, ungrateful wretches...but I digress), this was rather unexpected.

The front proclaimed "To Someone Special On Mother's Day". I opened it up, and above the sappy poem he had penned, "Would you like to celebrate it next year?" ...and underneath, "your obedient servant Howard" ..with a heart around his name.

I couldn't help but laugh. Howard, almost 77 years old, is the epitome of the Dirty Old Man. Completely incorrigible.

I suppose there is no better way to introduce the newest member of my friends list, bighoward. A fascinating man with some great stories, he has led a long and full life. Even his bio is alluring. He hasn't completely figured out the whole LJ interface yet, and has only posted once so far....but I'm hoping that soon he'll get himself settled in and start sharing more of his zany past with us.
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