alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess


Winter has arrived! Yesterday I was just remarking that I could see the grass. Now we have like 6 or 8 inches above it.

It's still snowing, but I just finished taking care of the shoveling for now at least. On the plus side I didn't have to shovel everything because, after a lot of coddling and pleading with it, my old snowblower started!! Yay!

I'm quite happy to do the sidewalks, frontwalk, porch, and steps... but I don't like shoveling my loooong driveway. So I tried to start my snowblower, no luck. I went and shoveled the above stuff, letting it rest.

Then I tried it again, messing with the choke, gently urging it, ad glory be! It belched enough smoke and noise that I thought it wanted to kill us all, and stalled a few times, but it took care of the driveway for me, which was greatly happy-making.

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