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Office 2.0

Office 2.0
Office 2.0
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My office rennovation project went very well, and today for the first day I tested it out by working from home. I have identified a few minor modifications required, but I'm still absolutely thrilled with how it came out.

Here I have FINALLY posted some pictures, so everyone can be as amazed by the new look as I am (these were taken a couple weeks ago, it's slightly different now but not very - primarily, I have added a couple more computers). We did one "highlight" wall with a rich orange color, and left the other walls as-is. (this may change soonish) We bought nice dark furniture from Ikea and got rid of a whole bunch of junk and extra desks. I think it looks lovely! I really enjoyed working there today.

Check out the Scary Before Picture. Seriously, we could have gone on TV with this makeover!

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