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Running Stats

C25K (couch to 5k) has begun week four. The guy on the podcast reassured me that I'd be ready for this workout, because I've been easing my way up, but I'm not convinced that he was right. I had a variety of difficulties, both technical and physical.

Start with 5 minute walk, 3.5 mph. Not bad.

Begin the first run - it's supposed to be 3 minutes. 6mph. Notice that the ipod is sliding. Push it back into place, and accidentally skip it to somewhere. "Okay," the guy says, "Go!" I hope it's back at the beginning of my 3 minutes. Run for awhile. Then he comes on, "You are halfway through your first 5 minute run." Oh dear, that's not at all right. Consider continuing the full 5 minutes. Feel slightly pouty that I have to run 5, when I didn't get to do my 3. Decide to guess when 3 minutes would have ended (just 30 seconds after the halfway message after all), and slow to walk.

Catch breath. Wheeze. Oy, 3 minutes is still hard. How will I do 5?! Pause treadmill and podcast, hurry to get water. I'm only allowed 90 seconds of walking. I accidentally unplug the treadmill as I return, resetting my time/distance, but fortunately I've been using the podcast to keep track of where I am.

Now it's time to run for five minutes. I decide to take it easy(ish), and I set my treadmill to 5.7mph. I run. I was wrong: it isn't easy. I can't figure out what to do with my hands. I am watching Scrubs with closed-captioning, listening to my podcast, trying to stay distracted. I make it through five minutes.

It's over! I stagged back to 3mph, holding my handrails and gasping for a bit. I recover, and move it back up to 3.5, my "brisk walking pace" that the podcast guy recommends. Two and a half minutes of staggering walking.

Next it's time for another 3 minute run. This one doesn't feel quite as hard, and I can always reassure myself with "at least it's not 5". Then walk 90 seconds.

Time for the last 5 minute run. I find my brain trying to talk itself out of the run. I am tired and already out of breath. I set it for 5.7 mph anyway. I hate my treadmill.

I still don't know what to do with my hands. I wiggle them, and the drama happens. My hand catches the cord to my headphones, knocking the little ipod off of the console and onto the moving tread. It flies away from me as I hop over it while simultaneously trying to catch it. It zips off the tread onto the floor with a clatter.

I am torn between worry for my ipod and a guilty thrill that I get to stop in the middle of my 5 minute run. I turn off the treadmill and go rescue the ipod. It seems okay; it's even paused itself for me. I pause for a brief drink of water, then it's back to running. This time I put the speed down to 5.5, which is much more tolerable.

I don't really do 5 minutes of straight running the second time, what with all of the ipod rescuing, pausing, drinking, and speed changes. I decide to consider it close enough for the first day of week 4. I manage to finish my cooldown walk without further incident.
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