alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Long Days in Belgium

I have found a Belgium beer I like: Yum.

So tired at these darn design-sessions! They're grueling. Today's afternoon one in particular. It was stuffy, and when I say stuffy I don't just mean warm -- I also mean lacking air. I literally felt like I couldn't breath enough in there, like there simply wasn't enough oxygen in the air. NOT a pleasant feeling! I felt stiffled, and I kept yawning. The yawns made me briefly feel like I'd taken a deep enough breath, and had sufficient air.

I was also fighting to stay awake. I was sitting with my back straight up in my seat, my feet figiting around, and I was pinching the webbing in between my fingers. My brain was still disconnecting every minute or so, I'd catch my eyes closing or my head wanting to tip over, or just my vision fading... I hate that feeling. It was awful, and so frustrating trying it overcome it! On our breaks I'd get up, walk around, drink water, drink coffee, but as soon as the meeting resumed those same fighting-to-stay-conscious feelings would return. Ick.

I found myself more comfortable and alert standing in the doorway, where the air felt fresher behind me. It made me start to seriously wonder about the oxygen balance in that room, and if it was possible that I was indeed not getting enough air.

But that may be all in my imagination, because I wasn't short of breath. I think if I actually didn't have enough oxygen in the air, I'd find myself gasping for more air, wouldn't I? Instead if anything I was breathing less than normal, sometimes almost feeling as if I'd forgotten to breathe at all. So maybe it was just sleep-deprivation.

Anyway, it's weird...bodies are weird! We're meeting in that room again tomorrow, and I'm nervous. I hope I'll do a better job of staying alert and awake in there. If not, maybe I'll bring a baseball to throw through the window, let a bit of fresh air in.

Tomorrow I leave for Amsterdam, then saturday I fly back to the USA!
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