alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Kitties in the Sun

I came upstairs today, and found two of my cats luxuriating in the sunbeam on the floor of my bedroom. These are two cats who do not generally get along, so I took a couple of pictures. Although I have to note that they were each on opposite ends of the sunbeam, if such a thing is possible.

After taking a couple pictures, it looked too appealing to pass up. So I put down the camera and lay down on the floor between them. I started petting one cat, then my third cat came over and curled up with the other, and they started grooming one another. I reached over and scratched the head of cat number three, and there we were, all four of us, snuggling up in the sunbeam with sun-warmed fur, and much soft petting and purring and cuddling and grooming going on.

I started wishing that somebody would come take a picture of us, but there was nobody left! The whole household was relaxing together in the sunbeam! Which is just how it should be, really.
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