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Deliveries in the Snow

This morning I woke up feeling rather ill, once again. My private PA (would that be PPA?) had earlier told me to drink lots of fluids (not something I'm good at generally), so I decided to brew some tea. Naturally tea requires lemon and honey. I squirted some lemon juice in my cup while waiting for the tea kettle, then looked for honey.

At first I couldn't find any, which was upsetting, but then I saw it on a top shelf. A big jar labeled "Huni 4 Reni" in black marker. I don't know where Tomak got so much honey, but I was pleased and relieved to find it. It was when I couldn't get it open, and found myself near tears with frustration, that I started to question the whole getting-out-of-bed thing I'd decided to do this morning.

Fortunately my day improved from there. I finally pried the jar open, and the tea was very yummy. I had two mugs of it (I also had a glass of water in the afternoon. This is the closest I can get to loading up on fluids). Flu-wise, I still had a slight fever all day, and still had some nasty moments of cramps and ick, but there were definitely fewer of them than yesterday. I'm hoping that means this is on its way out!

There was lots of snow last night, and I had expected that my lunchbreak would involve shoveling. But oddness happened instead.....

I was talking on the phone with my colleague, and received an email from my office that a package had just been delivered to me. "Well that's weird," I said, "I have to go check my door. Wouldn't that be odd if somebody left a package at your door but the only way you knew was by receiving an email?"

I looked at my door, and there was no package. Furthermore, there were no footprints at all in the vast white tundra that was the front of my house. So it couldn't possibly have been delivered. I saw my neighbor outside shoveling his walk, but no sign of a delivery truck.

I returned to my office (in the back of the house) and reported the news. "No package. That's obnoxious, why would they say it's been delivered if it hasn't been?"

"Maybe this is the FedEx guy's way of being lazy, maybe he's having a beer or a nap somewhere."

I checked the tracking information online, and it definitely said delivered. I shrugged, and we went back to work.

Some time later (perhaps an hour?), I visited my bathroom then went to look out the front window. To my surprise, the sidewalk and front walks were shoveled! Plus, there were footprints on the porch!

I opened up the front door and there was my package, tucked inside the front door, just like the website had promised. I swear none of that had been there last time I looked!

I returned to the phone and reported the new development. "The package is here, and somebody -- either a neighbor or the FedEx guy -- shoveled my walk."

"Well maybe that's why it wasn't delivered yet last time you looked," my colleague suggested. "He had just gone off to get a shovel."

So that was the oddity for my day. It was nice that someone shoveled for me. I still have to take care of the driveway at some point. Right now it's well-buried enough that I can't tell where it is anymore. I will have to infer, based on where I last remember seeing it. However I currently have no plans to leave the house tonight, and am still not incredibly healthy, so I may just save it for tomorrow.
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