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I was crawling into bed just now with my baby laptop, composing the beginnings of an "I'm feeling better!" post in my head, when my stomach started cramping up again. Owie. So this post is an "I'm feeling better though not entirely well yet" sort of post -- which it was going to be anyway, but the owieness made it clearer.

Of course, the fact that I was crawling into bed before ten o'clock might also be an indication that I'm still a bit ill.

On the other hand, I'm feeling better today that I have all week. Also this morning my temperature was normalish for the first time in three days. I feel like there is still some nastiness in my belly that needs to go away, but I'm definitely going in an improvingly direction.

Today during my lunchbreak I even emerged from my house to visit the great outdoors! I believe I hadn't done that since monday. Tuesday is very blurry in my head; I think all I did was work and then sleep. Yesterday was much of the same, except there was some reading in there also. Today, however... today I shoveled my driveway! Amazingly exciting, that. Well first I found it, rendered invisible by the snow, then I removed the snow from it. It was quite a lot of work, too, especially since there were big plow mounds at the bottom of it, and especially after three days of the flu. It was nice to get outside, breathe fresh air, and do some work, even if I was sweaty and exhausted by the end of it.

That's about it for my excitement for today. I had had vague thoughts about getting together with somebody tonight for dinner or something (since I also haven't seen anybody since monday), but my minor efforts at planning this afternoon fell, and then all of a sudden it was late so I just gave up and heated soup instead. I'm feeling kind of down tonight, lonely and worn out. The reasons are obvious, but it's still not fun.

Tomorrow I will definitely leave the house, and I will definitely see other people! Such lofty goals I have. I'll do even more of that this weekend; hopefully by then I will be close if not fully recovered.
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