alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Happy pseudo-birthday to me

Next week is my birthday. I am turning....*shudder*....thirty-one. Turning thirty last year was really hard for me. It was really weird to face the idea of no longer being in my twenties. Turning thirty-one isn't a whole lot better. This will make me officially "in" my thirties, as opposed to just being on the cusp. The thing is: I still feel like a little kid inside. I mean sure, I do some grownup things with my life, but inside I'm still just a little girl wondering where all the time has gone.

Anyway. Next week I'm going out of town, so I celebrated my pseudo-birthday with my family today. We went to the zoo. It was really nice; a perfect day for a visit to the zoo. My parents live very close, so we were able to walk there. The weather was warm and sunny, for the first time in way way way too long. I wore shorts, a sleeveless top, and sandals, and was perfectly comfortable. I even got a little bit of sun on my shoulders. I took my camera along, and attempted to photograph some animals. That was fun.

We also got to see the new polar bear exhibit, which was my main purpose in going. I've been looking forward to seeing the polar bears for awhile. It's actually a whole Arctic Circle thing, with snowy owls, foxes, seals, and polar bears. They have an under-water tunnel where you can stand and watch the seals swimming above you. They also have a spot where the glass looks right in on the polar bear's pool, like an aquarium, and you can actually watch the bears swimming around. Watching a polar bear swim is so cool! They're these giant clumsy-looking creatures, they don't look like they're meant to be aquatic, and they're just fascinating to watch moving through the water. Their paws are enormous, paddling them about. The keepers had thrown some fish into the water, and there was a bear swimming around and diving down to get the fish. I could have sat and watched him for hours, but my sister finally forced me to go, pointing out that there were lots of people behind me who would like to see also.

After the zoo, we enjoyed my mom's homemade potroast, and of course birthday cake, also homemade. My mum is a great cook. My parents gave me a hammock for my birthday; I've been wanting one for quite some time now. It's great! My sister gave me a very pretty birdbath. So now my backyard is nicely decorated. I also got a little polar bear candle-holder, which is kind of funny because my mom picked it out before I'd decided that I wanted to go see the polar bears for my birthday. Just a nice coincidence.

Well, I'm still thirty for another week yet. It's kind of nice to get cake and gifts, without actually having to turn any older. Unfortunately I'll be getting older soon least I have a nice little trip planned for next weekend, to make me feel a bit better about things.
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