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My Weekend

Working on an international team lends some extra oddities. For example, here in the US daylight savings time started a few weeks ago. In Europe, it started yesterday. That means that the morning meeting which was 8:30am was switched to 9:30am during the past few weeks, but is now switching back to 8:30am my time. This means, essentially, that I have to go through daylight savings time readjustment twice -- once for general life, and now once again for work.

It also means that I really ought to be asleep already tonight, but my schedule got totally messed up this weekend. First I had a crappy night friday night. Just in a bad mental state for no particular reason. I was unhappy and didn't manage to sleep until very late, maybe 3am, and then I had unpleasant dreams for the portion of the night I can remember. Saturday I slept until after 10, but that still wasn't a very restful night.

On the other hand M came over, and we had a good afternoon followed by a good evening at R&S's place. Saw all kinds of friends, played some games, and it was a great party. It was weird though: maybe it was just the combination of poor sleep with sad dreams, but I felt physically a little weird all evening. Distracted and a little giddy... actually I felt almost as though I was drunk, even though I wasn't. Then I got really sleepy but needed to drive home, so I had one of R's famous lattes and stayed awake just fine, but then I had trouble falling asleep once I was home!

This afternoon, to make up for all of that, I had a very nice nap. But of course now I'm awake and typing, even though my morning status meeting is in 7 hours.

In other weekend news, I hurt my knee a little bit today, but happily it was a temporary hurt. My left knee doesn't quite bend all the way anymore. Correction: it turns out that it does bend all the way when forced, but it hurts a heckuva lot when it happens. I was walking down my porch steps talking to M, and somehow I caught the edge of the step and right my foot rolled off it. I ended up with my left foot still on a step and all of my weight forcing the knee into a fully bent position. Owwwwwwch. I said a bad word.

Then I found myself sitting in the snow, surprisingly out of breath for not having done anything. "Are you okay?" M asked me.

"I will be," I told him. Nothing had popped or twisted, so I knew I must not be injured. It just HURT to be bent like that, and it took me a moment or two to recover. I sat unmoving for a couple of minutes, caught my breath, let the pain subside, then got up and continued on to the car. I was fine in a few minutes -- but still I have to say that it is unfair that putting my knee in a normal position should hurt that much! Stupid knees, getting in the way of my doing things.

On the plus side, it got better quickly. I successfully did my C25K program this evening post-nap, and although it was challenging and I wanted to stop, I did it anyway. That makes me pleased. (5 minutes at 3.5mph, 8 minutes at 5.5mph, then 12 minutes at 5mph. Then walking with a few more 1min runs tossed in until I hit 5K. This completes week 5!)
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