alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Car Convo

1: Hang on, I have to remember which side the gas cap is on. It's my wife's car, and I haven't been in it for a few days....

2: Oh don't feel like you need to explain. I never know what side it's on, even in my own car.

3: Really?

2: Yeah I'm always opening the door to check. It just doesn't seem important enough to remember.

3: Huh. I know where mine is - but what I did was to identify a logical reason for it to be on the side that it is. Now I just always know.

2: Ah, so you're able to derive the information rather than storing it in RAM.

3: Yeah, precisely.

(no I wasn't #2, even if he and I are similarly absent-minded...I was #3)
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