alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

End of the Colo

It turns out that NWA was unwilling to let me book my flight a day earlier without charging me for the current price of the ticket, which is $400 more than I paid originally. Um, no thanks. And one cannot fly standby for a day other than the day (midnight to midnight) that the ticket is issued for. What this all means is that I'm still in the town my airport is in, and have been here since about 2:30pm, but I can't go home until tomorrow.

On the other hand my flight tomorrow is at 6am, which is practically the same as today -- especially when I factor in a 4:45am shuttle ride to the airport. I put in a wakeup call for 4:15am, which is insanely early. Actually it's not early, it's late. It's nighttime.

It's a bummer being trapped here. Basically the only ride I could get to the airport today (since my original ride had to switch his plans) left at 1pm, to get one of my associates to the airport in time for his 4:15 flight. I was hoping to get onto that flight too. As long as I couldn't work a full day anyway, I figured I might as well get home early. Unfortunately as we learned in paragraph one, that didn't work out. This left me kicking around in Manchester with no car, no friends, nothing to do, and an insanely early bedtime. Plus it involved me NOT going to Penguicon any earlier, which would have been a great bonus.

I couldn't even plan it ahead of time, and see if anybody in this area felt like getting together with me. (For future reference, would any of my New Englandish friends be near enough to Manchester airport to be interested in doing a dinner some night if I'm trapped here again?)

Anyhoo, the good thing is that this hotel has a shuttle, and the nice driver Charlie was happy to take me to the mall for the afternoon. This state has no sales tax! Means I'm limited only by my ability to carry things onto the airplane. Unfortunately I don't have anything portable that I really needed/wanted to buy.... but I got a watch, some nail polish (airline sized of course), and I visited Best Buy to get a keyboard and an external hard drive.

After the mall, I went for a walk. The weather is still amazing here, and my hotel is (surprisingly) by a nice little lake and wooded area -- as well as being very near the airport. I found a cute dock at the bottom of a wooden staircase, and I sat for awhile and enjoyed the area.

I debated taking myself out to dinner somewhere. Charlie would have been happy to drive me, and I really wanted a drink or two, but I was exhausted and didn't feel like eating out on my own. Eventually I settled for buying a strange-looking beer and a tiny bottle of wine from the hotel vending area. (I don't really like the beer, but the label was entertaining enough that I wanted to try it!) I ordered a calzone from a local pizzeria, and I updated my journal while drinking and waiting for the order. This brings us to the present -- I hope my dinner arrives soon! My alarm goes off in eight hours, and then I finally head home.



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