alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Frustrating Task

I've been working on the same project all week at work. In fact, this is the same project that K (my colleague) and I were working on before we left for NH almost two weeks ago. When we arrived in NH, we thought we were in the verge of finishing it. We were hoping to work on it together while we were there, but never got the time, so it was scheduled for this week. "Just another half day," we predicted, figuring we'd have it finished before lunch on monday.

We've been saying that every day this week so far.

This task is so frustrating! We just keep going in circles, I feel like I'm in a pinball machine or perhaps a house of mirrors. Just banging into obstacles, churning around in circles, again and again. Each time we formulate a plan and put it into motion, something else goes wrong, or we discover a new business rule we didn't know, or any number of oddities.

Yesterday we learned something that made almost three days of work useless. This morning, it was beginning to look like five days of useless work... but now we've found that some of it is useful after all. It's just frustrating, and I feel like I've been working madly but gotten very little done.

I think we've got all the pieces put together, and we'll be able to finish this tomorrow. I'd predict a half day, but that's already proved to be a dangerous prediction! Although as K said, "Monday I'm working on something else. Whether this is done or not."
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