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Run Rennie Run

Went running outside this evening, for the first time this year except for a short cobble-stony run in Gent. It was quite a bit different than running on my treadmill, of course. It was prettier, which was nice... But it was stressful not having all of my "metrics" right in front of me. I didn't know how fast I was going, or how far, or how long!

I found it harder, and I don't know how much of that was me pushing myself a bit hard in the beginning, or how much of it was the challenge of uneven terrain and actually moving instead of just treading. I'm sure it was partly both. I think I did kinda "take off" when I started, and I regretted it after several blocks.

I did the 5k route I plotted out for myself several years back (was it the year 2000, back when I was running semi-regularly? Wow, I think it was.), although I might have chopped a couple of blocks off....

...wait a minute, I can map it out with the gmaps pedometer! I'm such a fool. Back in the Olden Days when I figured out these paths, I did it with the odometer on my bicycle. I was just about to comment that I should take my bike out and check the distance again. However now that we have fine companies like Teleatlas mapping the world, there is no need to resort to such archaic methods.

There, I just checked. Didn't even notice the pause, did you? Ah, the wonders of the internet. It seems to be just about 3 miles - not quite 5k, but close. I think I must have gone 1 block farther before looping back last time I paced it at 5k.

Anyway, I didn't run the whole thing - I let myself walk a few blocks halfway through. I also got to pause a bit each time I crossed Campbell, in order to let cars pass (and let me catch my breath!). I don't know how long it took, because I didn't look at nor bring a timepiece. But I think it was a good start for my first outdoor effort. Now I just have to do it more! Still over a month until the Race for the Cure.
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