alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Feeling Blue

My large team of about 18 engineers has a co-located meeting every couple of months to plan our next six weeks worth of work. That's what we were doing last week in New Hampshire. However 20 is too large of a group to work in a Scrum environment, so after the end of the design sessions we look at the planned tasks, distribute them, and break the group into two smaller teams.

One of the final tasks of the co-lo is to name the teams. Once everyone had been marked for a particular group, the boss stared at the white-board. The names of one group had been written in blue marker, the other in black. "I think we should call this group the Smurfs," he said thoughtfully.

Another boss suggested, "And the other group could be called.... how about the Fraggles?"

It took me a moment of looking over the list, then I realized that I was slotted for the Fraggle team. Folks were mostly shrugging and nodding, when one of the guys spoke up. "I think the names are perfect, but they should be flipped. Because everyone knows it's the Smurfs who are a bunch of males with only one female."

Everyone laughed, myself included. I agreed, "Yeah, that fits. But you are NOT calling me Smurfette!"

So the team names were flipped, and I am now on Team Smurf. Already discussion has come about, talking about the female smurf. The guys started talking about her long swirly hair, trying to remember her name.... I grinned ruefully. "I have a bad feeling about this...."

...but it's all in good fun. I like the smurfs and fraggles that I work with.

Tags: girly, ta, work
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